Food that is actually good for your skin

“You are what you eat” has never been truer than when it comes to skincare. For your skin to look its best, it means eating the best possible nutrients that are going to be beneficial for your skin. Remember that ultimately, your skin is just the outside part of your body. This means that if you treat your body right, your skin is going to reflect that. Load up on nutritious meals and snacks if you want a healthy, glowing complexion.


These are filled with lycopene. Lycopene is a phytochemical that provides health benefits and red pigment. It helps with the elimination of free radicals that make your skin look worn out and old. Tomatoes help protect against ultraviolet rays, thus ensuring that your skin does not suffer from sun damage. If you want to make sure they are even better for you, heat them up first before you eat them. You can get 16 milligrams of lycopene from a half-cup of cooked tomatoes.

Mangoes, papaya, and apricots

If you feel that your skin could use some help, fruit might be the right thing to try. These are all filled with carotenoids. Our body stores carotenoids in the subcutaneous fat layer right underneath our skin. Because this is right underneath our skin, it can improve the color of our skin. This gives us the healthy, rosy glow that many people try to achieve by using makeup.


These are going to help you prevent and fight wrinkles. Flaxseed contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. These are proven to erase smooth lines and spots on our skin. Studies showed that with just a half a teaspoon of omega-3 for six weeks, women saw less redness and skin irritation. Because these fatty acids draw water to our skin cells, it can help reduce wrinkles and make the skin seem ‘fuller’.

Steak and seafood – If you do not have enough iron in your blood, not only are you going to feel bad, your skin is going to look as though you feel weak. This gives you a pasty and pale complexion. Seafood and animal proteins such as steak will give you your daily-recommended amount of iron.


Studies have shown that one of the best ways to protect ourselves against skin cancer is by eating spinach. Studies revealed that those who eat plenty of iron had half the instances of skin cancer over an 11-year period than those who ate very little. Experts believe that this happens because the folate in spinach can preserve and repair our DNA.

Safflower oil

Do you have itchy, flaky, or dry skin? Then remember that this cooking oil also works very well as an internal moisturizer. It has tons of omega-6 fatty acids, which ensure the elasticity of the cell walls, allowing water to reach the skin. Some researchers even suggest that using safflower oil can help people with skin disorders such as dry skin, acne, inflammation, and dermatitis.

Cocoa powder

Dark chocolate (unfortunately, this does not include the traditional candy bar we buy in the supermarket) contains antioxidants named Flavonals. These can help protect against sun damage and reduce roughness in the skin. The Journal of Nutrition published a study in 2006 that suggested that women who drank cocoa that contained flavonals every day had stronger resistance to UV rays and better skin texture than those women who did not. If you are looking for an easy way to add flavonals to your daily routine, try adding it to your coffee for a tasty and easy boost.

Adding one or more of these products to your weekly diet is going to help keep your skin clearer and looking better. If that is not a good reason to eat healthy, we do not know what is.

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