Suggestions on how to do your own perfect pedicure

Some might suggest that you cannot possibly have the same quality pedicure at home that you would get at a spa or salon. The truth is that when you know what you are doing and follow the steps we have here, you are going to give yourself the perfect pedicure that is going to compare to anything that the professionals are able to give you. Save yourself some money and a trip to the spa with these following steps.

Get your feet ready

The first thing you want to do is remove any polish still left on your nails. After that, use a salt-based foot soak and put it in a basin with warm water. Leave your feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes or so, that is going to help soften the skin and cuticles and makes it easier for you to proceed. This is also going to make it far easier to clip your nails. By soaking your nails first, it softens them up. You are then guaranteed a ‘clean’ break from the nail rather than leaving jagged edges behind.

Get your nails down to size

Use a clipper of your choice to trim your toenails across. You want them to be close to the top of your toes. Leave just a hint of the white tip, but you do not want them too long or you will be repeating this process in a week or so. If you have soaked your feet before this, you are going to notice that clipping your toes is a far smoother process than you might be used to. Next, you want to round off the outer edges of each nail by using an emery board.

Make sure your feet are smooth

You are going to want to reduce or remove any callused spots on your feet to make sure that they are ready for sandals or flip-flops. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin, this is going to remove those rough edges and leave soft, healthy-looking skin in its place. The next thing you want to do is grab an exfoliating scrub and massage it into your feet. This is going to remove any remaining dead skin that is left on your feet. Rinse your feet with warm water.

Make sure to maintain your moisture

After you have this new skin showing, you want to lock in the moisture to ensure that they keep looking their best. Rub a rich foot cream that contains healing ingredients such as Shea butter into your feet. Make sure to hit everywhere across your feet, including between your toes. If you are not leaving your home anytime soon, you can leave a base coat across your feet and leave it to soak in for an even better, long-lasting result.

The perfect polish

You do not want to use too much nail polish, drip the brush in and be sure to wipe off any excess on the tip of the bottle first. Start by placing the brush in the middle of your nail, right at the top of the cuticle line, now in a gradual motion, move towards the tip of your toe. Repeat this on the side of your toe. You can add a little more polish if necessary. Make sure that you always apply a top coat in order to prevent your nails from chipping.

While you might not expect the perfect result the first time, if you try these steps a few more times we guarantee that you are going to love the results of your own perfect pedicure. Not only is it going to help save you money, but you can make time whenever you want and it can be a relaxing experience.

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